to Moscow!

Actresses Jessa Wildemeersch, Sien Eggers and Sofie Palmers where honored an international writing residency by the Flemish Fund for Liturature  and Passa Porta (International home for Literature in Brussels). From May 16th until May 30th 2018, Sofie, Sien and Jessa will travel to Moscow and St. Peterburg.

For the creation of their new play Looking for Versjinin ( working title) the actresses focus on the work of Anton Tsjechov. Known as THE playwright of the late 19th century, Tsjechov’s work embodies the longing for a nostalgic Russia. But does it suffice in this day and age to just stage his Three Sisters? What if his  ‘Three Sisters’ would awaken today, more than one hundred years later? How would they (re-)position themselves in society? Times have changed. Russia has changed. Isn’t it time for the Three Sisters to break out of their bubble of complacency and go into the world? 

Follow the actresses during their travels and get an insight in their writing proces: 

Kamiel Vanhole - Tumbleweed

In memoriam
It has been 10 years since Kamiel Vanhole, author, playwright, poet has passed away.
Friends, writers, artists, musicians celebrate his work and life.

With contributions of:
Didi De Paris, Charles Ducal, Frans Roggen, Jessa Wildemeersch, Gerda Dendooven, Bart Janssen, Koen Peeters, Elvis Peeters, Jo Govaerts, Leen Huet, Geert van Istendael, Mustafa Kör, Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, Eva Vanhole

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L'étude (nu slaat de chaos toe)

A sunny day. Three actresses meet on a terrace, they challenge themselves to a study of the female archetypes in Shakespeare's work. They all have their own reason for this endeavor. They drink wine, loose themselves in language, examine Shakespeare's female roles within themselves...from lady Macbeth to Katherine (Taming of the shrew), from Portia to Ophelia...the more the study evolves the more the lives of the actresses become interwoven with the roles they examine...

created and performed by: Sien Eggers, Sofie Palmers & Jessa Wildemeersch.