A short film by : Julie De Clercq
Starring: Jessa Wildemeersch, Con Horgan, Joe Walsh, teagan O'Malley
Produced By: Visualantics
DOP: Julie Swennen
Music: Raf keunen

Selected for The International Short Film Festival Louvain, Belgium

Monday December 1st 2014 at 8pm
Tuesday December 2nd 2014 at 10.15pm
Friday December 5th 2014 at 5.30pm
Director Julie De Clercq and actress Jessa Wildemeersch created the story of 'The Drunkan Horseman'(working title). The Film was shot in ireland/Conomarra in September 2013 and is supported by Vaf (Flemish Film Fund).
The film is currently in post-production
With: Jessa Wildemeersch and Con Horgan
Written and Directed By: Julie De Clercq
Sound: Raf Enckels
Music: Raf Keunen

de kavijaks

tv-series by Stijn Coninx with music by Dirk Bross?
Historical drama depicting the struggle for happiness and fortune of a poor family living at the Belgian Coast, from the pre-Second World War era up to the Fifties. Searching for romance, main character Piften has to overcome numerous barriers such as poverty, a tyrannical father, the war, his loyalty towards his brothers and sisters and ? not least of all ? the dramatic background of the girl he loves.

Director: Stijn Coninx
Producers: Philippe Bonamie, Katrien Van Nieuwenhove
Screenplay: Marc Didden
Photography: Renaat Lambeets
Editing: Joris Brouwers
Sound: Geert Engels, Hans Tourn?
Music: Dirk Bross?
Music recorded, edited and mixed by Gyuri Spies, Mathias Verraes & Wannes Gonissen

Cast: Jan Decleir, Wietse Tanghe, Jenne Decleir, Stef Aerts, Thomas Ryckewaert, Tim David, Rosa Vandervost, Margot De Ridder, Jessa Wildemeersch, Sofie Decleir, Sien Eggers, Nand Buyl, Hilde Van Mieghem, Sofie Van Moll, Karlijn Sileghem, Marie Vinck, Kurt Defrancq, Lucas Van den Eynde

Beat the Blue

Working towards his ultimate goal of eternal life online, freelance data compressor Frank Sivart is immersed in the daily grind of uploading other peoples files, folders and memories when a system wide crash threatens to change everything. 08:30.


a short movie directed by Jeff Manalo.
about the last hours of the poet Sylvia Plath, who comitted suicide.

Verlengd weekend


As Michael prepares to ask longtime girlfriend Karen to get married, he is interrupted by his older brother Stuart, tag along bartender Rose and the arrival of stranded motorist Outis Salon. 17:30.

Spoken Kiss

Mullarky Movies

Something For Nothing

Monsterland Film


Zora and Pete


Gabriella Saurel

Fade Out

Directed by: Melanie Daems
Written by: Melanie Daems Luc Madelein

Jan Copers as. Process-server
Elvire Daems as. Opthalmologist
Marijke De Nys as. Actress in bed scene
Els Dottermans as. Mother Romy
Lisa Van Den Bossche as. Romy (14 years)
Lucas van den Eijnde as. Bert Devos
Mirjam Van Lith
Stijn Van Opstael as. Steve
Jessa Wildemeersch as. Romy Bonamie