les yeux bleus


JESSA develops, produces and performs plays with a public issue dimension. Historical and present-day events are remixed into a theatre performance in collaboration with local and global artists and venues. The work is presented at (inter)national festivals, theatres and workspaces. JESSA stimulates intercultural dialogue, community development and artistic innovation through theatre performences

Mission Statement

les yeux bleus  is a not for profit organisation structured around actress and theatre maker Jessa Wildemeersch and maintains the goals : 1) to create, translate, adapt and produce performances, workshops and festivals with an artistic content. These activities will be communicated through the use of interdisciplinary media (theater, music, film, video, dance, literature) to a national and international audience. 2) to develop innovative artistic ideas and a dialogue in collaboration and through exchange with artists on a national and international level. 3) to enhance the sociological and cultural impact of the activities mentioned above.