concept and performance: Jessa Wildemeersch
film: Julie De Clercq 
coaching: Sara Vertongen, 
dramaturgy: Els Theunis,
set: Jan De Brabander,  
movement coach: Ugo Dehaes , 
sound design: Roeland Luyten, 
lighting design: Koen De Saeger, 
production and costume: Luca Lemmens,  
communications: Sylvie Vanmaele, 
administrative director: Raf Burm

Days without dates is supported by GONE WEST (the organization responsible for the artistic commemoration of the Great War in Belgium) The City of Ostend,VGC Brussels  and is premiering and touring in Belgium in November 2014.
Belgian tour dates and sales info:
With the support of Gone West (reflections on the great war) , The city of Ostend and the province of West-Flanders
created and performed by: Jessa Wildemeerch in collaboration with Het Nieuwstedelijk and filmmaker Julie De Clercq