‘Become invisible, occasionally’ 
Jessa Wildemeersch shares her life lessons. 
Ines Minten (De Standaard)

‘As an actress I stand in the limelight, that’s part of my job. It is important to be visible both on and off-stage. Eventually our whole modern society is based on visibility. Therefore I like to become invisible once in a while. It is not only about putting away my cell phone and staying away from social media. I am also talking about the importance of wandering around the city, becoming silent, to merge with the crowd and with life. That’s how I learn to look again, to stay bewildered, just by observing how the light hits a building. This demands time and attention. By becoming invisible, by looking, feeling, smelling, you allow the world to become visible.’
‘ For my new play, Paradise Blues, I interviewed a lot of people about their vision on the afterlife, I registered these encounters with an audio recorder. In Italy I met an archeologist who did not want to be recorded. That was a lesson. A recording is like a handle, something you can always go back to and listen. But here, I had to let go, just listen and allow the words to penetrate. I like to capture beauty, I like to hold on to beautiful things, I even write diaries. But once in a while you have to stop recording and trust. What needs to stay with you eventually will. This allows you to sharpen your senses.’