Interview with Jessa Wildemeersch
by Ana Van Liedekerke , Remo Verdickt (Veto Magazine

Paradise Blues brought theater maker Jessa Wildemeersch from paradise to inferno and back. Her new play opens right in the middle of the cultural subsidy collapse. "I joined the protest the same day my new play premiered."

'Storytelling is a hip phenomenon. It is used in every possible way by in the corporate and advertising world. But always to generate benefits, to create effect. Storytelling to convince people or support a bank. "

'In the arts, on the other hand, people tell stories without an aim for profit. There is a kind of giving without having to get something in return. I think if we stop doing that as a society - giving without expecting anything in return - we will suffocate, it will be hell for our children. That is why it is necessary to invest in art. "

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