'Paradise Blues is an exceptional piece, no shortcomings and no excesses.' Hilke Pattyn (Veto)

"It started in Center Parcs," Jessa Wildemeersch reveals. That is where her desire arose to know what comes after this life. It started with counting. Every second counted there is a second closer to death.
With Paradise Blues, Wildemeersch provides an overview of her search for heaven, or whatever comes after death. Her insatiable curiosity about the hereafter creates a palpable tension not to have to die immediately.

In her search for answ

Jessa Wildemeersch shares her insights about the creation Paradise Blues on national radio.
This text is an assemblage of a broadcast on Radio 1 and Klara

It started with the book Sum: 40 tales of the afterlife, by American neurologist David Eagleman. A delightful description of 40 possible heavens. The afterlife became my starting point, an inspiring motive.
In the research and development phase for a new performance, I always start from the unknown. When talking to people I discover new insights and realize how much I don’t know.&nb

‘Not a dance of death, but instead a bluesy party.’
Els Van steenberghe (Knack)

Paradise Blues is Jessa Wildemeersch’ recent travelogue. ’Travelogue’, yes. Wildemeersch is fond of theater and travelling. That’s why she often does her research while traveling. In 2018 she went to Russia, with two actresses,  in search of the Russian soul and Chekhov’s Three Sisters.
Their play The Boar is watching us was an ingenious mix of travelogue and crisp, exciting repertoire theatre. Paradise Blues is inspired by Wildemeersch&rsq

‘Become invisible, occasionally’ 
Jessa Wildemeersch shares her life lessons. 
Ines Minten (De Standaard)

‘As an actress I stand in the limelight, that’s part of my job. It is important to be visible both on and off-stage. Eventually our whole modern society is based on visibility. Therefore I like to become invisible once in a while. It is not only about putting away my cell phone and staying away from social media. I am also talking about the importance of wandering around the city, becoming silent, to merge with the crowd and wi

Reactions on social media:

‘Two incredible clever artists’ Tuur Florizoone (musician) ‘A deeply moving performance’ Els Dekeukelaere
‘An intimate masterpiece.’ Sara Bomans (visual artist)

'In a wonderfully playful manner and with childlike wonder, Jessa opens up all registers of  the human imagination and takes us on her search for answers, which she finds all over the world, but which of them are correct? (...) 
Steven's musical interpretation gives the play wings. If good visual a

Paradise Blues premiered in full social unrest, while the Flemish government announced up to 60% cuts in the Arts Funding. Jessa Wildemeersch uses her voice to react to this devastating news on radio

‘The creation of beauty is so essential, and beauty in all its forms, also in vulnerability. And what happens to a society where beauty is silenced, or where vulnerability should not exist, I wonder, what does that say about policy makers? ... "

Listen to the full interview (in Dutch) : https://klara.be/pompidou-dinsdag-12-november-2019?fbclid=IwAR0tGs

Interview with Jessa Wildemeersch
by Ana Van Liedekerke , Remo Verdickt (Veto Magazine) 

Paradise Blues brought theater maker Jessa Wildemeersch from paradise to inferno and back. Her new play opens right in the middle of the cultural subsidy collapse. "I joined the protest the same day my new play premiered."

'Storytelling is a hip phenomenon. It is used in every possible way by in the corporate and advertising world. But always to generate benefits, to create effect. Storytelling to convince people or support a bank. "