A man leaves his children behind with a letter: He has to travel and might never come back. He also leaves the children a present: A ghost, Djinny! Together with Djinny the children go on a magnificent journey. Djinny is not bringing their father back, but makes them forget him... if only for a moment.
Based on the archetypel ghost Djinny of '1001 Arabian Nights', the performance takes a young and older audience on a hallucinating trip with a moving ending.
With handmade puppets and film, a performance never to forget. 
For everybody 8 years or older

Directed by  Mokhallad Rasem Performed by Jessa Wildemeersch en Lore Uyttendaele Scenografie Paul Contryn Music and Image Saad Ibraheem Puppets Paul Contryn en Lieve Van Luyck