April 18th 2015, 7pm, Market Place, Tielt
Hundred years after the first gas attacks during World War I, 4.600 people ( the amount of victims that fell from those attacks) march, through 4 different routes leading to the market place of Tielt (Flanders, Belgium). Every group shouts out their emotions based on the text witten by revered Belgian writer Saskia De Coster and set to the beautiful music of Inne Ysermand (Amatorrski). In the apotheose the four groups join  on the market place. Leaded by three woman standing on the main tower they create a WORD FRONT, against the massive sound of war.
text: Saskia Decoster
music and compostion: Inne Eysermans
performance: Saskia De Coster, Mieke Dobbels, Jessa Wildemeersch en more then thousand actors and musicians.