What if Tsjechov's Three Sisters went to Moscow? What if they would wake up today? What remains of their dreams and desire?
For the creation of their new play Sien Eggers, Sofie Palmers and Jessa Wildemeersch are inspired by Chekhov's Three Sisters and Russia today.
Unlike the sisters, dreaming and resigning, these three actresses take action. They put on their warmest coat and do what the Three Sisters never did, they go to Moscow. 
In Den beer heeft mij gezien you witness three actresses in an attempt to understand Tsjechov, Russia, but also themselves. Whoever saw their first performance L'étude (now chaos strikes) knows what to expect: humor, despair and the necessary frivolity.

Den beer heeft mij gezien is produced by ARSENAAL/LAZARUS and has it's premiere on February 22nd, 2019.
tickets en info: https://www.arsenaallazarus.be/kalender/item/den-beer-heeft-mij-gezien-voorheen-looking-for-versjinin---arsenaallazarus