During her travels, Belgian actress and theatre maker, Jessa Wildemeersch interviewed a divers group of people about their vision on the afterlife. With a backpack filled with documentary materials, Wildemeersch embarks on an expedition to an Island in the heart of Lake Como in Italy. An enigmatic encounter with an Italian archeologists creates a tipping point in her journey. The thin line between documentary and fiction blurs.
Together with harmonica master Steven De Bruyn (The Rhythm Junks), she explores the limits between music and text, man and woman, between the afterlife, the past and the present.

Jessa Wildemeersch recently created the acclaimed performance The Boar (2019) , a new take on Tsjechovs Three Sisters for which she received a writing residency in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 2017 she created L’étude (when chaos strikes) about Shakespeare’s female characters in a present-day context. In 2015 she created Days Without Dates, a play about the impact of war on individuals and society. The play was selected for the Internationale Atlas Intersections Festival in Washington, DC. In 2014 Wildmeersch co-created WAITING with Iraqi director Mokhallad Rasem, the play won 3rd prize at BE Festival in England and toured the world. Since 2005 Wildemeersch holds a Lifetime membership at the renowned Actors Studio in New York.