Showreel Jessa Wildemeersch

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The Horseman

Director Julie De Clercq and actress Jessa Wildemeersch created the story of 'The Drunkan Horseman' (working title).
The Film was shot in ireland/Conomarra in September 2013 and is supported by Vaf (Flemish Film Fund).
The Horseman was selected for the International short Film Festival in Leuven.

With: Jessa Wildemeersch and Con Horgan
Written and Directed By: Julie De Clercq
Sound: Raf Enckels
Music: Raf Keunen

Fairtrade - Het Grootste Protest-

Jessa Wildemeersch steunt Fairtrade en speelt mee in de Fairtrade spot!

Laat je inspireren en maak de activist in je wakker!

Maak de activist in je wakker! Sluit je aan bij het #GrootsteProtest en strijd mee voor een eerlijk inkomen voor iedereen! Fairtrade Belgium organiseert het grootste protest ooit gezien in België, tijdens de Week van de Fair Trade. Alle Belgen laten hun stem horen voor een leefbaar inkomen voor iedereen. Omdat nog steeds 1 op 9 mensen onder de armoedegrens leeft, drie vierde daarvan boerenfamilies zijn, en we dit direct kunnen linken aan onze consumptiepatronen.

Alternative Technology

This short was made for the 48 Hour Film Project (Antwerp 2015 edition). It was written, shot and edited in a 48 hour-timespan. A draw brought us science fiction as a genre. In addition some elements were obligatory: a character (John Beckers, a docker), a prop (a flyswatter) and a line of dialogue.
The jury rewarded this short with three awards:
- Runner up best film
- Best use of genre
- Best acting (Jessa Wildemeersch & Anouck Luyten)

De Kavijaks

Historical drama depicting the struggle for happiness and fortune of a poor family living at the Belgian Coast, from the pre-Second World War era up to the Fifties. Searching for romance, main character Piften has to overcome numerous barriers such as poverty, a tyrannical father, the war, his loyalty towards his brothers and sisters and not least of all the dramatic background of the girl he loves.

Fade Out

Jessa Wildemeersch plays the lead in the short film 'Fade Out' Directed by Melanie Daems
Romy, a young and talented director, really had to fight hard in her and her mother's struggle for the survival of their small village cinema. When she, after having successfully directed a short film, gets the opportunity to direct her first feature film, destiny strikes.
Cast: Els Dottermans, Lucas van den Eijnde , Stijn Van Opstael en Jessa Wildemeersch 

Verlengd Weekend

Jessa Wildemeersch speelt een bijrol in 'Verlengd Weekend' een film van Hans Herbots met  Koen De Bouw, Jan Decleir, Wouter Hendrickx & Veerle Baetens. A Private View Production.


Jessa plays the lead in this short film by Michael Cops.